2019 Christian Fly Fishing Retreat
May 17-19, 2019

Camp Program


Christian Fly Fishing RoundUp Camp, Camp Morrow, Wamic, Oregon
     After  dinner we take about 30 to 45 minutes for convocation to listen to the guest speaker on his gospel teachings geared for the real issues faced by men in the real world.  It is not all sugar coated and pretty.  Men face more pressures in today's world than can be counted.  We all need the Truth to make sense of it all.  That Truth comes through an active and vital relationship with the God of the Universe through Jesus Christ.  Life changing testimonies will also be heard from men who overcame the lies and found the Truth.  You just might be surprised to find out you're not alone in life's difficulties.  Other men have dealt with the same kinds of issues and have been victorious.  Loss, addictions, fear, abuse, and uncertainty are things that men experience and try to pretend don't exist.  Meet some men who have faced these and other issues and prevailed through the power of God in Jesus Christ.

     Fly Fishing

     Our staff members come with many years of fly fishing and tying experience to assist you with the tools for learning the art and science of flyfishing.  We offer basic fly casting lessons with no more than six students (depending on attendance) per instructor.  Our camp can also accommodate you with a fly rod to use during camp if you do not own one.  If you are beyond the basic casting skills, we can also offer advanced sessions on roll casting, single/double hauling, steeple casting, etc.  Basic fly tying is also available to learn how to tie trout flies such as the pheasant tail nymph, woolly bugger, and Adams dry fly.  All tying materials and tools are provided.  For advanced fly tying, we do our best to host an accomplished tyer within the region to demonstrate their favorite fish catching flies or advanced fly tying tricks.  On Saturday afternoon we have about 3 ½ hours of free-time which gives campers the opportunity to fish on their own in Pine Hollow Reservoir for trout, bass, bluegill or crappie.


  • Two nights bunk-house lodging
  • Five meals plus refreshments
  • Hot showers

What To Bring

  • Appropriate clothing (rain gear is advisable)
  • Sunscreen (sunny days do happen)
  • Sleeping bag/pillow/ear plugs
  • Shaving bag and toiletries
  • Towel
  • Money for sale items & raffles
  • Bible and notebook
  • Flashlight


Suggested Items

  • Fly fishing gear
  • Fly tying gear (some of our campers tie during free time)
  • Boat, kick boat or float tube

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